Wednesday, July 7, 2010

40 degrees in July

Cal, me and Roger before a game.
Over the 4th of July we headed to Pittsburgh for the 5th Annual Tropicurl.  Roger and I have been to every Tropicurl and so we were awarded a special patch for our loyalty!  This year we had a new team, with me as skip, Laurel as vice, Roger as 2nd and Cal as lead.  The first game was a bit rocky.  We were all rusty, made a lot of mistakes and lost to a Canadian team on Thursday night.  We regrouped on Friday and Saturday, winning three games against a Pittsburgh team and two Canadian teams.  On Sunday, we played in the semi-finals against another Canadian team from Ontario.  We stayed in the game until the 7th end.  When we couldn't score, we shook hands after the 7th and called it a day.  It's always a treat to be in a nice cool ice arena when it's 90 degrees outside! 

Cal, Laurel and Roger.
Prepping the ice before the game.

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