Friday, November 20, 2009

Kalamazoo in March

Well, it's official.  We brazenly signed up to compete at the 2010 U.S.A. Curling Nationals in Kalamazoo, Michigan next March.  Only ten women's teams signed up so we don't have to curl down for the privilege of playing at Nationals.  Instead, our team is automatically IN!  Apparently, the women's Olympic team, skipped by Debbie McCormack, is taking a pass at Nationals (the Olympics will be two weeks before Nationals).

This will definitely be a learning experience.  Now the hard part.... practice, practice, practice.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying Out The "New" Team

This past weekend we were at Bowling Green Curling Club curling in their Women's Bon Spiel.  There were 14 teams from Ohio, Michigan and Ontario competing.  Besides Courtney and Laurel from my Club, we had invited Emilia from Detroit.  We were hoping that this could be the start of a great team.  We just hadn't played together before.

Courtney, Emilia, Laurel and me

The ice was super slow, in part because the ice is always slow at Bowling Green and there was the added factor that the temperature was downright HOT outside (temp. hit 70 on Sunday).  The warmer the ice, the slower it is.  We were in control of all of our games.  Unfortunately, the first three games were only 6 ends (which I hate) and in our first game I made a major blunder.  Even though we were ahead after 5 ends, we lost in the sixth end.  Stupid on my part (but I'm trying to learn from my mistakes).  In the rest of our games (three more), we played well and won easily.  I am excited to play some more and get more challenges.  Nothing definitive set up right now but should know shortly.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time for a Rest

After having pain on the outside of my ankle for the last few weeks (which I have self-diagnosed as peroneal tendon strain - at least that sounds good!), I'm taking a running break.  This past weekend I ran a 5-mile Halloween race in downtown Cleveland with my ankle throbbing and for good measure threw in a marathon on Sunday (the Inland Trail Marathon in Elyria).  Saturday the weather was not the best.  The race course was along Lake Erie and the last few miles involved running directly into a strong headwind.  The picture on the right is of me after the race freezing to death!

The weather on Sunday was fantastic for a marathon.  Again, however, I was not in perfect form as the nagging ankle would not let up throughout the race.  At this point, I think my body is telling me to take a break.  I was happy to complete these races though as I had pledged to run them for the Epilepsy Fundraiser I've been involved with, which is ending next week.
Now, I can concentrate on strength training and of course CURLING.  We have our first official bon spiel this weekend so I will report next week how that went and curling plans for the upcoming season.