Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the Loop

This past Saturday we had our first "training run" for the North Coast 24 hour race.  We had some new faces show up to give the loop a try before the race in September.  The training run was combined with the kick-off for the Virtual Runner competition, a fundraiser for the Epilepsy Association.

The loop  is actually not exactly a circle.  There are several twists and turns so you get to use both sides of your body.  The loop is certified at .90075 miles. While I just like to think of it as a .9 mile course, those ".0075" miles add up over a 24-hour time period...

New this year for the race....  Honey Hut Ice Cream has its kiosk right next to the race aid station and they have PROMISED to be open race weekend!!!  For those not familiar with Honey Hut ice cream, it is delicious!!  Of course, having grown up in America's Dairyland (Wisconsin), any ice cream is delicious.  Last year the race temps were pretty warm so if that holds true this year, Honey Hut will have alot of customers (including runners).

Cruising around the North Coast race course, I am reminded how pretty it really is.  Part of the course is right along Lake Erie and some of the views are of downtown Cleveland (all lit up at night it's pretty cool to see).  On Saturday, the weather was quite warm but then suddenly a storm appeared to be brewing.  We all watched the storm roll in from the Lake and then as if by magic it disappeared.  I guess part of the challenge (or charm) of the race is trying to deal with and predict the weather.  Always be prepared is the key phrase.

A view of downtown Cleveland from the race course.

I am looking forward to the new runner faces -- Jeanette, Rick A and Bill D.... and possibly Bill R (on the fence)...  And for those of you ON THE FENCE, we are approaching our field limit of 200 runners.  Sign up now to avoid the price increase on August 17th AND the chance that you  just might get closed out!!

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