Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IAU Releases Details on 2012 World 24-Hour Championship

The International Association of Ultrarunners just posted the GIS (General Information Sheet) for the World 24-hour race in Poland.  The race definitely feels real now!

Katowice is the city hosting the race, about 70k from Krakow.  The GIS includes pictures of the race course, which is just shy of a 1 mile loop (1,554m).  The race will take place close to the city center in a park setting that has a pond in the middle of the course.  The loop is circular but since it is quite large hopefully there will be no issues with stress on the side of the body that is taking the turns.

Map of race course

The course looks nice and shady although there does seem to be some cobblestone that we will have to contend with that could make things interesting.  The shade is important because the race starts at noon so we will have both days with potentially warm weather.

View of the course with cobblestones

Another viiew with smooth asphalt
The Final Information Sheets aren't due until August so I'm not sure if the rosters of the participating countries will be listed before that time.  Looks like they are expecting a large crowd as there are no open entries allowed. 

I guess I now have to start training in earnest and practicing my Polish!  How do you say "beer" in Polish??


  1. Peva

    Cobblestone is a question mark - but I like that is has many less corners.

    Stay Healthy!

    Michael Henze

  2. Right, there aren't the twists and turns like France. We'll miss you but we'll have a few Pevas for you! Get training for the Netherlands!!