Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canada Tune-Up

Although the temps in Cleveland remain in the 60s, winter is nonetheless approaching and that means CURLING season is almost here!  Yes, our club league play starts this Friday night, October 30th.  In anticipation of the start of the season, Roger and I traveled with two other MCC couples to the Kitchner/Waterloo Granite Club in Ontario last weekend to get in a little practice.

The bon spiel is called the "Funnenspiel" and encourages costumes and not taking things too seriously.  To emphasize that point, we started with two 6-end games and every person on the 6-person team rotated each end to a new position (so 2 people were sitting out each end).  There was definitely some strategy to putting together the right rotation.  We all were a little rusty the first game and got creamed by one of the host club teams. 

Being the only U.S. team, we kicked it into a higher gear for the remaining two games and managed to win, I think to the Canadians' surprise.  We ended with a 4th place finish and more importantly got our fill of delicious Brick Beer, one of the sponsors of the spiel.  This was our second year attending this spiel and it is one worth returning to again and again... just for the Brick Beer!

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