Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thanks to Sponsors Drymax and Sniperskinz

Only a few more days until U.S. Nationals in Kalamazoo. Our team has been extremely fortunate to have in our corner two sponsors. Drymax, who has also sponsored my ultrarunning, has stepped up to outfit our team with socks. We will be trying out their new line of hockey socks. When I first heard that Drymax just started making hockey socks, I though it would be a perfect fit to try them out on the curling ice. Drymax agreed and we now are well stocked. Our feet should be very happy during our upcoming games.

Another company geared to hockey, Sniperskinz, has also agreed to sponsor the team. Sniperskinz makes some very cool wraps for hockey sticks. They have never made wraps for curling brooms and had to make some adjustments in the sizing to fit the brooms versus a hockey stick. Our team is the first to try out the wraps on curling brooms. We got to customize the wraps with an individual design and colors. It only took minutes to apply the wraps and our brooms look very sharp now. We will definitely have most unique brooms at Nationals.

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