Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Curling's Over, Time to Run

We just finished up the 50th curling season at Mayfield Curling Club.  For the last five months, I've been spending five nights a week at the curling club.  That makes it tough to squeeze in any long runs at night.  I now have no excuses to get ready for the 24-Hour Worlds in May.... except the weather. 

I know, I should be used to it.  I grew up in Wisconsin but I think I have gotten soft living so many years in balmy Ohio.  Last year, global warming was in full force here and we had multiple days in March where the temps hit 80!  This year, the ice age has returned and each morning I've been greeted by cold and snow.  Now that I have free time to run at night when there is more daylight, I still am stuck with snow, ice and cold.
Running the Green Jewel 50K this March -
it was supposed to be "green," not "white."
Curling's over and I am officially DONE with winter.  I don't want to see any more ice unless it is on a curling rink.  OK, I am now done with my rant.  Time to start running....


  1. Run, Debbie, run! But I'm with you - I'm having a hard time getting the long stuff in. I guess we better get busy!

  2. Yes... time is ticking away... I really have no good excuse, except I'm lazy!