Friday, December 27, 2013

Cool Curling Travels

One of the best things about curling is all the cool people you get to meet.  One of the bad things about curling is all the "cool" places you are forced to travel in order to meet the cool people....  Now, there is nothing wrong with the places I have travelled to curl in the last few months... but, face it, my ultra-running travel destinations are WAY cooler.....

So, beginning in November, I've had the fortune of curling in Albany, Schenectady and Fargo.  On the near horizon, I'm headed to St. Paul, Sarnia (Ontario) and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.   Although these places will be downright COLD, I can't wait to get on the ice with my cool teammates!!

Typical Fargo temps!

The reason I curl - my COOL teammates -  Carmen, Connie & Martha

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