Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magic in New York

Me, Leslie, Laurel and Courtney with 1st Place trophy!

This past weekend, my Mayfield team headed to the USWCA National Bon Spiel in Schenecktady, NY.  The theme of the Bon Spiel was "The Magic of Curling," and that theme proved to be a winner for us.  We played teams from the following clubs: Nutmeg (Connecticut), Nashua (New Hampshire), Granite (Seattle), Madison and Arizona.  We were able to win all of our games and emerged the winner of the entire Bon Spiel.  The ice was a bit challenging as there were crazy curls and major falls on two of the sheets but we were able to figure it out and stay on our game.

A second Mayfield team was able to win the B event so our Club was able to take home two huge trophies.  A very fun weekend!

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